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    I have the same issue and my Yahoo calendar will not even show after deleting Yahoo account and re-entering.  Did Yahoo get back to you? 

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    I found this solution on another post and it worked!  




    Re: I sync my iPhone 4S with Yahoo calendar. Since last softeware update (6.1.3) They won't sync. What happened?

    May 9, 2013 2:40 PM (in response to mus4utoo)

    I have found a workaround thats working for me until they get this yahoo calendar thing solved. I logged into my yahoo account on my pc and opened up the calendar. There is a down arrow next to the name of the yahoo calendar you wish to have on you iDevice. Click the down arrow and select share.Go to "sharing and permissions" and your email address and click save. You will then receive an email with two links. Open the email on your iDevice and and hold down on the second link and select copy. This is the link that says add to outlook. Then on your iDevice go to settings-mail-add account-other-add subscribed calendar. Hold down on the server field and tap paste. Then tap next. In the Description box type the name of your calendar and then tap save. Leave all the other fields alone. You can repeat this for all the yahoo calendars you wish to view on your iDevice. Open your iDevice calendar app, tap the calendar tab and your calendar(s) should now appear under Subscribed. This will allow your view your yahoo calendar(s) on your iDevice. Now if you wish to add appointments to your yahoo calendar open safari and go to tap the three bars in the upper left corner of the mobile web page and tap sign in. Use your yahoo id and password to sign in. After signing in tap the three bars in the upper left hand corner again and scroll down and tap more. Tap Calendar. At the bottom of the screen tap the box with the arrow in it and select at to home screen. Name it if you like and then tap add. Now every time you want add an appointment to any of your yahoo calendars you can open the link on your home screen. It will remember your log in. If you wish to view all of your calendars, including the yahoo calendars open the native calendar app. This workaround requires the use of two methods one for entry one for viewing, but at least you can access all of your calendars. You can also view your yahoo calendar(s) from the home page link but I dont like the layout on the yahoo mobile page so I just use that for entry. Hope this helps until they figure this one out.

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    Thanks, that works for me. 

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    Thank you! This worked for me. Apple chat support sent me your work around. I am unable to edit the calendar items even though I set up view and edit items within the Yahoo calendar on my computer. Got any ideas?

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    I am growing more and more irritated the more I read these posts!  Items on yahoo calendar no longer appearing on iphone 4S and vice versa.  It just happened out of the blue, not following my update to iOS 6.1.3.


    I too believe it's a yahoo issue but am at a loss as to resolving!


    Looking for any further info anyone has received.


    I've tried all the suggested methods to resolve and/or workarounds with no luck!

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    It's clearly a Yahoo issue.  I'm on 6.1.2 (no jailbreak) and yahoo calenders stop working.   I dont' know if Yahoo is aware of the issue or not.  Can anybody confirm?


    I did get a email from Yahoo mail ( today.  I have not idea if this pending upgrade is causing the problem or not.



    We're making improvements to Mail!

    On or after June 10, 2013, through July 2013 all users of Mail will be prompted to upgrade their Mail accounts. You'll see some exciting changes in webmail that include a new look and feel that makes webmail even easier to use. Once your account is upgraded, the webmail version you're currently using will no longer be available.


    What you can look forward to:


    • Faster email
    • The latest Mail spam-protection technology and scanning for relevant advertising display
    • Easier-to-use design

    Important Notes:

    • On the day of the webmail upgrade, you will be able to choose to customize the email scanning settings for your account.
    • There is no impact to your email IDs, saved messages, webmail folders, passwords, email client settings, or service, based on this upgrade.
    • To learn more about the new Mail visit

    We hope you enjoy the new Mail.


    AT&T Internet Services Customer Care

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    I got the same email today too and thought the same thing.  The longer this goes on the more mad that I'm getting.  Very inconvenient!

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    You must have done something wrong because it worked on both my iPhone and iPad.  

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    How long did it take for you to receive the emails after you shared via the workaround?

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    I did the following:


    1. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Yahoo > Delete account


    2. Then readded my Yahoo account on my iPhone and enabled Calendar sync


    3. Under the Calendars section in "Mail, COntacts, Calendars, I changed the default account from iCloud to Yahoo.


    So far it works on my iPhone.

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    Is this^ working for anybody? It does not seem to work for me Yahoo need to fix this asap before people leave for good.

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    Well, I've completely given up on yahoo mail.  I had  My account ended up getting hacked on Thursday. Yahoo has been having problems with hackers since early this year.  So, I've switched to gmail.  What a pain!  But, I found a relatively easy way to move all emails to gmail using the Mac Mail client.  Mail fetcher doesn't bring over folders, but this Mac mail method does.  Now, my email, contacts, calendar all work great on my new Iphone 5.  This is great!

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    Same problem here in addition to not having access to yahoo emails all week after account was hacked. Had to talk to yahoo through to get problem resolved. This is a yahoo business account. We spent hours on the phone last week and did not have access to business emails for almost five days. We would leave yahoo if that were possible.

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    THANKS Princess - this worked for me.  I`m in London, England using Yahoo from BT and was amazed to return from a trip (using iPad) to see something not right on my PC thinking my iPad was upto date.  I had an update on my iPad while away and when opened my Yahoo calendar on my PC found Yahoo had AGAIN updated without warning.


    Taken me 48 hours on BBoards and Apple Community plus fiddling every option I could think of to get my diary back.  Yahoo recommended deleting account and reinstalling = Rubbish all you do is loose ALL your diary on the iPad.


    Indeed I cannot currently see my Calendar as an option in the settings just like others.


    My OLD iPod was fixed using CalDAV and that was easy, works both ways but NO GOOD for iPad2 on OS6


    (I should say my Google Calandar works just fine)


    Found your "FIX" for my Yahoo Calendar this morning and tried it. IT WORKS.


    Agreed its a temporary fix as you cannot change or add appointments on iPad as it is not two way, but adding appointments on the Mobile Yahoo in Safari is very temporary fix. I can also add appointments on my iPod and see on my iPod.


    Anyone desperate = use this fix from Megansmomma a great posting - thanks

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    JUST A MINUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    As I write the previous posting my iPad CALENDAR just appreared!!!!!!!!!  So I have duplicate appointments so turned off Megansmomma fix (Sorry) and it all looks back to normal.


    I did nothing somebody turned the switch on in Yahoo!!!


    Thanks to everyone for help