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Just installed an AirPort Extreme to replace our old US Robotics router to get n speeds. Works well for streaming, Windows wireless, AppleTV, Playstation, iPhones and Tivo. Very pleased!!


My questions should be simple but I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer. I would like to reposition the Express near our Yamaha receiver and use it as my primary wireless router while also connecting to the Yamaha audio for AirPlay. Will this work or would I need a second Express dedicated to just AirPlay from our iPhone? Would it also connect wirelessly to Windows with iTunes?


Thanks in advance

AirPort express, iOS 6.1.3
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    Hello, HPGeneva. 


    Thank you for the question.  I do know some Yamaha receivers do support AirPlay.  If this is the case for your receiver, reposition of the router is not required as the receiver should be able to connect to your AirPort Extreme.  However, if your receiver does not support AirPlay, purchasing an AirPort Express might be the best option.  Below, I have included an article that goes over AirPlay.  See the section that covers "AirPlay requirements and capabilities".  Also, refer to your receiver manufacture's Web site for details on if it is compatible with AirPlay. 


    Using AirPlay





    Jason H.