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Hi. I will be getting a new PC soon, and want to be prepared. I searched high and low for this simple question, but could not find it here. 


I currently have an AEBS and an Airport Express and everything works fine.  I just have an old, slow PC.  Are there any procedures for moving my current Apple routers to a new computer? I am coming off of Windows 7 PC and moving to the same.  My routers are in "bridge mode" -- My Time Warner Cable high speed modem has its built-in router bridged.  My AEBS is connected via ethernet, and the Express is used to extend my network.  Other than that, no changes.  It this just plug n play, or do I have start everything over from scratch? 

Thanks! - steve

Airport Extreme Base Station, Windows 7
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    Hi Steve, not sure I understand the question so please bear with me. I have TWC with AE via Ethernet. New devices connect automatically. Nothing was required. I have XP and Win 7 as well as iDevices and Macs on the network. The only slight issue for me is the current version of Airport Utility for Mac does not support my vintage AE. I use an old Mac or PC to administer AE.


    I downloaded Airport Utility from Apple's site on each PC.



    Hope that helps. Don't worry if it doesn't. Someone who actually knows all about wireless networking will post soon.


    Enjoy your new computer!

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    Thanks, Susan. Pretty much, I'm asking for the procedure for when one buys a new pc to replace an old one, with the intent of keeping all existing connections to a properly functioning aebs the same (and in my case, an express used to extend my network). All I want to do is swap out the computer and determine ahead of time what I need to do to connect my existing aebs to the new pc.  Thanks!

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    You're welcome Steve, the pc should connect to the network as it would to any other functioning network. Nothing needed at least not in my experience. If you want to administer Airport from the new pc download Airport Utility for Windows.

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    Thanks again, sounds like the settings are saved onto the AEBS then, and when I plug it into the new PC via ethernet, all will be the same.  Yes, I would def download the airport utility to be able to manage my settings going forward. I guess I just wanted to make sure nothing else was required (e.g. factory reset, start all over again as if I bought a new AEBS, etc.).  thanks very much.