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Having had no end of trouble with both my TP-Link and BT Home Hub 3 wireless ADSL modem routers with regards airprint (iPad sees printer 90% of the time, iPhone 4s needs several attempts to find it), I've ordered an Airport Extreme.


My intention is to use the reliable (in all other aspects) TP-Link wireless router to connect to my internet service, but with the wi-fi router element turned off.


I then intend to connect the AX to it by ethernet purely to provide the wi-fi, hoping that it should be 100% bonjour compatible as regards airprint. My XP laptop, my wife's MBP, my iPad, 2 x iPhones and my Canon MG5350 wireless printer will all connect to the AX wirelessly.


I'm assuming that this is indeed possible.


If so, I assume that it is just a case of turning wi-fi off on the router, and plugging the AX into it to provide wi-fi?


I have a few questions:


1. Where to I start?

2. Do I use the TP-Link or the AX for DHCP?

3. How do I set up the AX to operate as I intend it to?





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    Of course, I meant 'ordered and Airport Express'.





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    Hoping someone out there will point me in the right direction - the more I read on the net the more confused I get!


    Is it a simple matter of just turning off wi-if in my router setup? If so, how do I then configure the express to a) provide my wifi and b) connection via the modem router to the outside world?