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My Apple TV has been failing to update.  It's been advising an update is available for some time now each time I turn it on.  I have requested the update to install many times now and each time it fails to successfully load after download.  I talked to a support tech about it and they suggested that I restore, which I did, also unsuccessfully, since it didn't lose and of my personalized settings. So, any ideas anyone?

Apple TV, Failing to install updated software
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    Have you tried restoring via microUSB to USB cable?


    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation): Restoring your Apple TV

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    I do not have a micro USB to USB cable.  It would be nice to not have to buy a hard wire to get my hardware to update.  Any other ideas? I read some of the related community threads about this issue but they seemed pretty old.  Mine ATV hasn't been sucessfully applying the update for about 2 months, March 2012 to present.

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    is your apple tv connected by ethernet? if so take out the cable and do wirelessly. There was an issue where some apple tvs would  not update unless wireless. If that does not work you can take to the apple store for a restore if you have one near by .

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    wayne108 wrote:


    I do not have a micro USB to USB cable. 


    Personally I think it's very poor that Apple does not include one as it is the official way to restore to 'as shipping' when there are issues trying to update over the internet.


    While I would not expect them to include HDMI, network or optical cables, something required to correct a problem with the unit you'd expect to be in the box.



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    Hi, not only do I not have the cable but I don't see where there is a USB plug in my ATV box. Am I missing something obvious? All I see is 1. power input, 2. HDMI input, 3. Optical input, and 4. ethernet input. 

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    The microUSB socket is below the HDMI socket.


    The AppleTV 2/3 accepts the microUSB end of the lead.


    AppleTV 1 had a normal USB port for 'diagnostics' but it was of no practical use to the consumer (though could be used to boot alternative open source or 3rd party software to enhance functionality at the user's risk).



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    I think it is also pertinent that most people have USB cables - many do not have USB to microUSB cables, and I honestly think Apple could have provided one at minimal cost to themselves.



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    My ATV finally updated today. I think someone got wind of the problem and addressed it, because I did nothing different really. Interestingly, Alley_Cat recommended that I try unplugging the ethernet cable and trying the update or wifi. I was actually only wifi until this comment was posted, and since that prompted me to think about the ethernet, I plugged it in a couple days ago, verified that the hardwire connection was being utilized and tried the update again. It failed. Today, I unplugged the ethernet, went back to wifi, and tried the update and it finally took. I really doubt that this had an effect on whether it would install or not though.  What's more interesting is that I could not sucessfully restore using the general menu prompt, and some other threads said to haul it into the local shop and get them to restore it? Anyway, back up and running with updated software. I appreciate the guidance.

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    Hi (Bonjour)!


    Same problem here, the Apple TV 3rd gen. has suggested an update, but despite the complete download, the process failed on the second step(progress bar) and I've got an "connect to iTune with micro USB cable" splash screen, no white LED on ATV.


    I've connected the ATV unit to my "up to date for all soft" 2013 iMac, and I've got the restore Apple TV dialog. The download completes, but the update process failed with an "1611 error" warning. It seems that his error is related to virus protection software. But... I do not use any virus protection software... so I can't apply any suggested workaround to solve the problem.


    I've now a dead box Apple TV.


    Bad, bad move when selecting "apply update" on a pretty usable ATV.



    Michel Boissonneault

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    Hello Michel,


    Try updating your ATV locally. I was having the same exact problem you were but I was able to fix it.


    1. Download the correct ATV firmware for your device from these link:


    ATV 2G: http://appldnld.apple.com/AppleTV/031-0449.20130923.xlzdm/AppleTV2,1_6.0_11A502_ Restore.ipsw

    ATV 3G,1: http://appldnld.apple.com/AppleTV/031-0456.20130923.3Wtrk/AppleTV3,1_6.0_11A502_ Restore.ipsw

    ATV 3G,2: http://appldnld.apple.com/AppleTV/031-0457.20130923.8n2FL/AppleTV3,2_6.0_11A502_ Restore.ipsw


    2. Connect your ATV to the latest version of Itunes via USB to mini USB cable.


    3. When prompted to restore, hold down the "option" key when you click "Restore".


    4. Select to firmware you just downloaded from "Item 1".


    This should fix it.


    Hope this helps.


    Euclid Guevarra

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    Hello There


    You do not know know me, but my name is Matthew Berry and I have an apple TV ( i believe it is the 3rd generation). and I am really enjoying it.  I have been able to sync my photos, music I tried to do a software update for the apple TV with no success, and it even showed a picture of the iTunes icon and the apple TV icon. It meant that I had to connect the Apple TV to the iTunes app on my mac, which meant I had to get a micro usb  cable to do it.  I found one at Walmart for about $ 20.00 ( I know that Walmart should be the last place to shop, but when I tried the apple store , they told me they did not have any). I was able to successfully restore the Apple TV using the micro usb cable and the power input cable that came with the device, and then everything was fine.  to you and anybody else who has had or is experiencing this same problem. Here are the steps to successfully restore your apple TV


    1) Open up iTunes  on your  mac

    2) plug the micro usb cable into the micro usb socket at the  back of the apple TV and then into the usb port on your mac

    3) pug in the power input cable that came with the device into a power bar and then into the apple TV

    4) when you see the  apple TV device in iTunes, click on  the restore button and iTunes will update the apple TV software, then i t will restore it back to the factory settings ( you will have to wait a few minutes for this to happen)


    5) once the apple TV software is up to date, disconnect  the apple TV from your mac when iTunes tells you to do so and then plug it back into your flat screen TV . After that ,you reset all of your network settings , iCloud settings etc


    I realize this is the long way to do it, and that you can reset the apple TV by going into the settings menu on the apple TV and clicking on general , reset but my apple TV would not let me do that, so I had to do it this way to make it work properly, and now everything is back to normal again so I am pleased



    Hope this helps everybody