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I have had an iPad 2 since they were first released.  It is wi-fi + 3G and had been accessing wi-fi everywhere (work, home, public) without problems...until the iOS 6.1.3 upgrade.  Since then it is unable to find networks.  If and when it does, the signal is weak and is after a few minutes.  Here is what I have done:


1) Reset the iPad by turning it completely off and turning it back on.

2) Reset the iPad by holding down the home button and the on/off button until it reset itself.

3) Reset the Network by going to Setting/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings

4) Took it to the Apple Retail Store, where the "Genius" told me to restore it as a "New Device".  I did so to no avail.

5) I let the battery run out completely, connected it to the power cord, and as soon as I was able to go to Settings, I turned wi-fi on and off and on again.

6) I reset the router at home several times. 


None of these things worked!  The problem persists and I am frustrated.  So much so, that I have learned the iPad mini is having the same issues and altough I had planned on buying one for my wife for mother's day, I refuse to make the investment.  I'm starting to be turned off by Apple and its games.  The fact that the Genius Bar is so booked only tells me their devices seem to have more problems. 


Does anyone have any suggestions or additional work arounds to the iPad 2 wifi problems with the iOS 6.1.3 update?  Does anyone know if and when Apple plans to address this growing issue?



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