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i have an iphone 4s and instead of siri it has voicecontrol!!!!! can anybody help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3, i cant find panorama in the camera!
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    I don't believe you have an iPhone 4S since you also stated "i cant find panorama in the camera!"


    iOS 6: Which software features does my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch support?



    You posted in the iPad forum instead of the iPhone forum. To get answers to your question, next time post in the proper forum. See https://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa  I'll request that Apple relocate your post.


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    Check your model number to see if it's a 4S. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3939

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    Important: VoiceOver changes the gestures you use to control iPhone. Once VoiceOver is turned on, you must use VoiceOver gestures to operate iPhone—even to turn VoiceOver off again and resume standard operation.


    Turn VoiceOver on or off: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver. You can also set Triple-click Home to turn VoiceOver on or off. See Triple-click Home on page 124.

    Explore the screen: Drag your finger over the screen. VoiceOver speaks each item you touch. Lift your finger to leave an item selected.

    • Select an item: Tap it, or lift your finger while dragging over it.
    • Select the next or previous item: Swipe right or left with one finger. Item order is left-to-right,


    • Select the item above or below: Use the rotor to turn on Vertical Navigation, then swipe up or down with one finger.
    • Select the first or last item on the screen: Swipe up or down with four fingers.
    • Select an item by name: Triple-tap with two fingers anywhere on the screen to open the Item Chooser. Then type a name in the search field, or swipe right or left to move through the list alphabetically, or tap the table index to the right of the list and swipe up or down to move quickly through the list of items.
    • Change the name of the selected item so it’s easier to find: Tap and hold with two fingers anywhere on the screen.
    • Speak the text of the selected item: Set the rotor control to characters or words, then swipe down or up with one finger.
    • Turn spoken hints on or off: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver.
    • Include phonetic spelling: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Use Phonetics.
    • Speak the entire screen from the top: Swipe up with two fingers.
    • Speak from the current item to the bottom of the screen: Swipe down with two fingers.
    • Stop speaking: Tap once with two fingers. Tap again with two fingers to resume speaking. Speaking resumes when you select another item.
    • Mute VoiceOver: Triple-tap with three fingers. Triple-tap again with three fingers to turn speaking back on. To turn off only VoiceOver sounds, set the Ring/Silent switch to Silent. If an external keyboard is connected, you can also press the Control key on the keyboard to mute or unmute VoiceOver.