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    Onne wrote:


    I have a simple solution.

    The person who has the iPhone sending you the text messages your are not getting, has to press and hold the blue message box until the menu pops up and one option is to "Send as Text Message" tap that - have them send another new message to you, if it is blue, not green, repeat. I beleieve if you do that twice, the iPone will always send you a text message, not an iMessage.


    So, you want them to tell everyone that ever texts them to do this?


    No.  That's not a viable solution.

    1. Sign out of iMessage on the iPhone, turn off Find My iPhone, then reset the device to factory settings.

    2. Go to and remove the device from FMiP, if it still shows.

    Wait 48 hours.


    If the problem persists:


    3. Go to and change your Apple ID password.

    4. Also, change your primary email address associated with the Apple ID.

    Wait 48 hours.


    If the problem STILL persists, then contact Apple Support.  They have an additional method on their end which might help.

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    I had the same problem after switching to the Galaxy S4 from the iPhone 4. Called Apple, and they revoked my certificate, but that didnt work. Called AT&T and the tech told me to do the following: Turn off iMessage on your iPhone. Then anyone who you text that is using an iphone must first delete your texting history from their phone. Then they need to go into Settings/Messaging and shut off iMessage. Send them a text, and have them reply. After you receive their text message, they can turn iMessage back on. Worked for me.

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    This is what needs to be done to recieve incoming text messages from iphone users.

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    I have the same problem and I am mad about it!  I want to return my android and get my iphone back!!

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    I work for one of the big cell phone providers.


    People are leaving Apple because an iPhone is the smartphone equivalent of training wheels. Samsung is the smartphone equivalent of a Ducati.

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    So you're mad at Android for something that is Apple's design. If you switched from any other phone to Android you wouldn't be having this problem.

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    It's not samsung that is causing the problem, it's the iphone....why would samsung compensate? The iphone is diverting the messages, samsung's phone is not rejecting them.

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    Close. You obviously never had Blackberry Messenger either.


    iMessage uses a private network between iDevices. If other people with iDevices have previously used this network and you don't turn off your end of the network they will continue to try to send on the private network.


    If the user turns off the private network, since they won't be able to access it anymore, prior to switching phones there is no problem. If they failed to do so they can call AppleCare and they will turn it off for them and there is no problem.

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    Why in the world would I want to buy a Ducati?

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    I have tried all these and my friends who are still stuck with apple products can't text me on my Galaxy S 4.  I will never go back to Apple

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    What can u do, when u cannot turn off your imessage option in your phone. My phone died so this action cannot be done ??? i tried to unregistering my phoine from my account in apple... do i have to wait before it comes applicable?



  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    Call AppleCare and ask them to disable iMessage for you.

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    Call AppleCare... the person I spoke with was very helpful and made the changes imnnediately, walking me through what I had to do on my end, which was minimal.  Here's all the worldwide numbers:


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    People, there is a an easy solution, although it took  me 1 stress-filled day to find it. I tried ALL the suggestions I found on online discussion threads.  None of them worked, except this one:  Call AppleCare for iphone at 1-800-694-7466.  Just got off the fone with the dude.  He knew exactly what to do and he said I should have texts coming in in about 2 hours.  I got e a confirmation code from him so Im hopeful.  If it doesnt work, I'll be back to comment further.

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    If you switched from any other phone you wouldn't be using iMessage, would you!