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Guys I need some help with my Imac 2008 model after changing the Harddisk it starts okay but  after the Apple Log some fun colours start appearing even after the disk has booted successfully the pictures are in colours


what could be a problem or has anyone everexperienced this


please help

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Well you haven't provided much information, I'd start by checking the HD was installed correctly, then if so remove and replace...the one you have may be defective. However please much more info such as the steps you are taking and verison of OS X you are using to format and install with.

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    the type of the Harddisk i used is Western digital 320 GB the one that was there is 250 GB orignally freom Apple. then what i did before installing the HardDisk back i plugged it in as external and did Image transfer Because the DVD drive does not work the image transfer was from a imac 2008 model as well 20'' inches. though as for now i have managed to put the Lion 10.7 image on Usb so i was trying still when i reach the point to either restore Disk Utility still shows those colours

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    You didn't create a bootable clone with an external HD to the new HD? Had you done that it would have been much much more simple. Just put the new HD in the external exclosure, format it as Mac OX Extended (Journaled) set the partition as GUID. Then use either  Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper with the old HD in the computer and clone to the external HD. Then simply swap HD's and you're up and running. If you try it another way it's going to be much more work and much more difficult.

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    Thanks for the support i managed to have it done after cleaning the display cable connector i thought the problem was with the inverters connectors.


    Though you raised something very important and making the Hard Disk GUID usually when you tranfer the image it changes everything to Macintoshi Formate. and then before doing that i had formated the disk and changed to GUID  which i considered first thanks for the quick response it made think other ways arround the problem thanks a million

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    Your welcome and I'm glad you got it figured out.