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So, i have a 1.83GHz MBP, 1GB RAM, W86122 serial, 15". I have the "whine" although its not that major, unless im in my room where its silent, heat isnt that major. However, my newest "problem" has come up within the past week...
At the top right corner (near the latch or power button) i can hear this sound...its almost like a clicking sound, not quite sure how to describe it. I have no idea what is making this noise. I havent had this noise before until about a week ago. I noticed this sound when I installed and started playing WoW, it gets very loud (well, at least "loud" to the point that you dont have to put your head next to it to hear it, it is very distinctively hearable) while playing WoW. After hearing it during WoW, i listened once i exited the game, and the noise is still there. Any idea's what is causing this noise? Could it be the right fan?
I'm taking it to the Apple store this Thursday or Friday to get it checked out (along with an odd screen noise), I just wanted to post it here and see if anyone else had anything like this.
Thanks...sorry for the lost post ^_^

1.83Ghz, 1GB Ram, 15.4" Widescreen TFT, 80GB @ 5400rpm Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    I had this problem this week, I reset the PMU and it went away.. ( take the battery off and hold down the power key for 10secs or so, put the battery back on) It should work.. Good Luck
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    Shut down the machine, took out battery, held power button for 10 secs, replaced battery, started machine back up.

    Asuming this is the corect order of doesnt seem to have fixed it.
    Thanks for the advice though...
    Hmmm, well my friend that works for Apple just signed onto iChat, i'll ask him.
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    If the clicking sound is the same I am thinking of, I used to describe it as the "moo..." then I had that before I went to apple repair. They replaced it with a new fan (on the right side, same place as you described), the problem went away. Seems to be the defective right cooling fan.

    The first month of having the MBP, the problem was very rare though present. After the smc update, it is on the very instant I turn the computer on. If I load the CPU to 100%, it goes away while I can hear the fan (on the right) itself really working hard but sounding normally quiet.

    I also described it like "something in the fan's way, snoring sound." Anyways, I hope that's at least a start for you to look into replacing the fan. Hope that helps.


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    I was thinking that too...
    The only thing (I think?) thats really in the upper right corner is the fan.
    I told my friend that works at Apple about it, he said it sounded like a bad Logic Board, but then again I was only describing the problem, he hasnt looked at it himself.
    Im bringing it into the Apple Store this week to get it checked out, im sure this means repair, which is 7-11 days with out my computer...sad, im now addicted to WoW even with the loud sound my computer makes. Oh well, repairs need to be done.

    The way I now describe the sound is more like a car that is ideling but is very close to dying from lack of gas, so its like chugging along.

    Thanks for everyones input, it says im at least not the only one getting this problem, I thought I was because I havent really heard of the sound, although if this is the "moo" then nevermind.
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    I think I am having the same problem. I describe it as a scraping sound, but I'm pretty sure it is the same thing you are talking about. Let me know if you find out anything else (i.e. how to fix it).
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    I had that EXACT same problem. I tried resetting the PMU like one of the people who replied to your post suggested and at first it seemed to work. But as I continue typing I can hear the clicking noise come back slowly. Also, that whining problem is quite annoying. Has Apple mentioned anything to fix that or is that still an open case? I'm sending my mac in tomorrow to be serviced for that clicking noise.
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    Apple is working towards a fix of the whine, I think they're really heavily looking into it for 2 reasons 1) everyone who has it complains about it non stop (they ahve reason to) 2) The Macbook's and the 17" MBP's dont really have the whine...only the 15" MBP's....odd?
    I plan on bringing my MBP into the Apple store on Thursday and basically (if possible) saying "Tell me everything that ISNT in specs with my machine."
    I know the clicking isnt...theres also this really weird whine almost with my screen, the only time it happens is when i use the iTunes ScreenSaver...when the little things are spinning, you can like hear the screen buzzing.
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    Add me to the list. Sounds a bit like a 16mm projector in my case. And this began out of the blue about 24 hours ago. I've a week 15 machine-- which aside from heat "within spec" (around 55C under moderate load) and fairly disappointing battery performance also within "spec" (down to >5300mAh after 10 cycles)-- has worked well, been nearly silent and accepted all software and firmware updates without incident.

    Thus far nothing seems to have had any effect on this new unwelcome symptom-- which ranges in volume from soft to very audible without any clear pattern.

    If prior comments in this thread are on target, I cannot say that I am thrilled by the prospect of a lengthy repair of fan and/or logic board after a few weeks of light home use. The whole idea for me of buying a top of the line MBP was to get something (I know I dare not call it a "laptop") rather more reliable than my late 2001 ibook.
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    Oh, I should mention, I found an Apple certified dealer/repairer workshop which did the repair. It was carried in store, so I told them the problem and took my MBP home with me until the new fan arrived 3 days later. They changed the fan on the spot in less than 20 minutes. So I didn't have to leave my MBP for more than 20 minutes in total. Perhaps this could be a more optimistic alternative than sending it in to Apple, if you can find such a place.

    Cheers, hope this helps
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    Well, this gives me an excellent excuse to visit the new flagship store on 5th Avenue. It'll be interesting to see if there's anyone there who will do anything so lowly (albeit useful) as changing a fan on the spot while you wait. Much obliged.
  • sfx3200 Level 1 (40 points)
    I took my machine into the Apple Store in SLC today...
    Told them aboutt the little dent, the whine, the clicking, and the screen noise that it was making...
    The guy took it into the back, after 30 mins (or more) of him in the back, he came back and said that he could FAINTLY hear the sound (wutever, he still heard it, thats all that counds), but that he would send it in for repair and see what they could think of to fix. It is probable my Logic Board will be replaced, my bezil faceplates around the keyboard and around the screen will also be replaced (different problem). $310 went to $0 with AppleCare/Warranty. Will see if this fixes any problems my comp had.
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    Just curious about the cost issue for repair. Um, shouldn't it be free even if you didn't have applecare since it's within 1 year of your purchase?!? Shouldn't the limited 1 year warranty cover this? I planning on waiting a bit before buying applecare when I buy the MBP to make sure I get a good one.

    By the way, I've bought apple care for all my apple laptops (okay I've now had 3 and I don't think the they had applecare in 1996, but I don't remember so don't flay me if I'm wrong)...and my luck was that I busted my screen on my good ole PB shortly after the policy ended. I'd like to hope that I won't have to use the applecare policy on my future MBP. My mom personally hates applecare after one experience so for her current imac she bought the compusa plan. The benefit for my brothers and I was that she got the platinum plan that includes computer classes so now we only get "help me with the computer" calls with actual complex issues. now I'm rambling
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    Yes, its within one year, so yes this is covered by the Warranty, however I see Applecare as a waranty, so i accidently called it Applecare.
    The point is the cost was free.
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    I bought a 1.8 MBP for my girlfriend over a month ago.

    She just started complaining about a clicking noise after I updated her computer with all the latest or next to latest Apple updates.

    She blames me for it. She says it happens even when the computer is shutdown.

    I haven't heard it, but I'm not next to it for any length of time.

    I have always used Apple. I try to keep her up to date on the MBP, but also try to keep her in the dark on the problems.

    She wants to trade me my single 1.8 G5 for her MBP.
    I obviously can't do it. That would be highway robbery.

    She is clueless on any computer, but if she says it's clicking. I believe her. The heat is one thing she always complains about and now it clicks.
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