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    Well my luck ran out....and here I thought I was very fortunate since my MBP is on the "cool side" and has no whine. Starting this afternoon I started getting the "click". It is obviously the fan on the right side, since I can put some real load on my CPU, thus the fans kick in, and the click slowly fades away.

    *** is going on with Apple? My love affair with Apple should not include frequent trips to a repair center!!??

    So I guess I'll take it in and see if I can get the fan replaced. I hate to think that they will replace it with the same sh*t. What about an after market fan? Is this a viable option?
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    BTW, I found a very short term non-technical fix (from my old PC days). On the uppermost right side corner take two fingers and give the old MBP a "Fonzie" snack. Might take a couple of hard taps, but the clicking will go away for awhile....again proof that Apple is using low quality fans (what a bummer).

    I can get a good 30-45 minute run without the click using this trick, at which point I repeat the beeatch smack. Should hold me over until I can get the fan replaced. Again I ask, any after market options on replacing the fan?
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    6 days after sending it in, my MBP is back.
    After being on my old PC Laptop during those 6 days, im basically jumping for joy that its back...
    The clicking noise seems to be gone, we'll see what happens when I start WoW back up...
    The whine noise also seems to be dimenished some...
    However, for me, right now this computer is SILENT compared to my PC Laptop...
    That thing...the fans are CONSTANTLY blaring, you can hear EVERY little thing that you could possibly hear...and yet somehow it didnt bug me? I guess its because I know it isnt anything like an MBP where I expect it to be completely silent....odd.
    So, i'm very humble!
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    Spoke too soon.
    After I started playing WoW the noise returned...
    The noise is now present from when i start up my computer on...
    Is WoW ruining my computer? Lol...
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    Okay, i found a site that someone put up with the sound that I am experiencing, just because its so hard to describe the sound.
    My sound isnt as loud as his, even when im playing WoW, but it gets across the point.
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