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    Photos for Mac


    yes, switching to Aperture is a big step and requires a wholehearted commitment to let Aperture manage your files. Aperture has more refined search utilites to search for all kinds of photo tags than the Finder, so I am very happy to rely on Aperture's indexing and storage structure and to keep track of all my edits.


    But it is up to you, if you want to take that step.


    I wanted to give up my Picasa (which i use as a photo file mamanger) and photoshop to one place.

    Aperture does both - an integrated, very advanced photo file manager and very advanced editor and raw developer - but all is contained and protected inside the Aperture library.

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    Thanks! chromatin64 everyone has been soooooooo helpful it's amazing!


    I deleted my whole library this morning and will start a new with only photos from Photo Stream for now and see how it goes. I will also use Aperture now only to make particular projects, such as books, slide shows and so on,(and if i need heavy duty editing i will use Photoshop). See how it goes and if i can get used to the "new way of managing and filing."


    But for now, as far as file mamanger, I will continue to use Picasa or even ACDSee since they both mirror any changes you make in your folders reflect on the displayed photos as well any change you make on your photo will reflect in the folder.





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    I am back with more questions.

    Sooooo i need HELP please.


    I have decided to give this a try with more folders. So now the dilema is to use Refrenced Vs. Managed?


    1) I'm using a local hard drive

    2) IF, When editing with Photoshop i like to save over the original since i never like the original to begin with.

    3) Any other light changes like filters I do not save over the original


    ALSO where do the Photoshop edit versions go.  i tried playing with just one Folder. imported one as managed and one as refrenced..... and can't find the edited version?


    when i imported the folder as a mananged file i still saw the original folder under "pictures" does that mean it's on my hard drive twice, once in Pictures and once in the Library? that would take up too much space.


    Thanks in advance, Orly

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