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I have now build a app in Xcode, and it works perfectly in the iPhone 6.1 Simulator.


Now i would like to install the app on my iphone for further tests.

Skærmbillede 2013-05-05 kl. 02.39.40.png

I'm selecting my iPhone in the menu, press the Archive button, but then it comes up with this Build Failed message.


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What have i done wrong? Have i forgot to activate something?


I Thought maybe under the organizer > Devices > My iPhone, that i should press the "Add to Portal".

When i try is asks of my Apple ID > Log in > And then a error message pops up saying "Too Few items in teams." Maybe that has something to say?

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I really hope some of you guys can tell me what i am missing




Kind regards

Mathias Thunbo - Denmark

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    You are in the paid IOS Developer program correct? You have to be a paid member to install on the physical device.


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    Aarh okay! Even though it's just to test it on your own unit?


    Is this paid/not paid developer program also the reason for the "Too few items in teams" problem?


    I just saw a guide video from the Apple iOS developer getting started video site. I saw the video "Modern Tools and techniques for iOS App Development".

    In the video they're showing that the iPhone setup really just is Organizer > devices > Choose iPhone > Use for development > log in with your Apple id > Boom, thats it.


    I hope the problem just is i haven't paid yet


    - Thanks

  • etresoft Level 7 Level 7 (27,125 points)

    It isn't possible to debug issues until you are the point where it should work. If you haven't paid, then it shouldn't work.

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    I had the same problem, but was able to build and run on my device after these steps:


    1. Deleted my DerivedData directory (emptied trash too)
    2. Quit XCode
    3. Disconnected iPad USB
    4. Rebooted Mac
    5. Rebooted iPad (power down and back up)
    6. Reconnected iPad USB.
    7. Restarted Xcode with project
    8. Confirmed build for debug on device selected.
    9. Clicked Run


    This works for me.