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Home sharing is on and works fine getting videos, photos and music from iMac to Apple TV and to MBP.   And videos show up under 'Shared' tab of Video app on iPad. But music and photos don't show up.  I thought I could share any of my multimedia content as long as I'm on same wifi network and logged in on devices with same Apple ID.  The inability to get shared music on iOS devices is confusing, since iTunes is sharing video content just fine.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated...thanks

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    Hi pulvereyes,



    What you speak of is definitely possible, we may have just missed a step. Here is a good resource for setting up (and using) home sharing on your iOS device:


    iOS: Setting up Home Sharing on your device



    Setting up Home sharing on your iOS device


    1. Tap Settings > Music or Settings > Video to enable Home Sharing.
      • Note: Enabling Home Sharing in either setting will enable Home Sharing for both types of content.
    2. In the Home Sharing section, enter the same Apple ID and password you entered on your computer (or computers) and tap the return button.

    Playing Home Sharing content on your iOS device (iPad and iPod touch)


    To listen to shared music:

    1. With iOS 5 and later, tap Music > More... > Shared or tap iPod > Library with earlier versions of iOS.
    2. Select a shared library.


    To watch shared videos:

    1. Tap Videos > Shared.
    2. Select a shared library.




    Matt M.