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When I work on a project, I have gotten into the habit of creating a duplicate of the project prior to beginning edits, so if I have to go back I can grab the duplicate. As I progress I have duplicate 1, duplicate 2, etc.  Eventually I get a notice that I am our of hard drive space, so I eliminate the duplicates.  I am somewhat confused, however, since I thought projects were only markers to the media and therefore used up little disk space.  Could there be something else using up the disk space?  I thought once I had imported my media, that there would be very little disk space used until my project was finalized, and I always make sure I have at least 100 or so gigs available after my media is imported.  It is clear to me that I do not yet understand the basis upon which FCPX is working and any enlightenment would be appreciated as to how I can avoid that reocurring message when working on my projects "You are almost out of disk space"  requiring me to stop and clear disk space.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Depending on what you are doing within FCP X and the type of footage used 100 gig can disappear pretty fast.

    HD footage grabs around 40 gig an hour plus any render files that is created along the way.

    My guess is render files are accumulating.

    Have a look in the top level of the drive where the Project is stored to check out the current size.

    Final Cut Projects>Project Name>Render files.



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    Just to add to Al's comments about accumulating renders…when you duplicate a  project, a dialogue window pops up with several options. The "lightest" way to operate is to  choose the top option and leave the "Include Render Files" box at the lower left on the window unchecked.