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After I backup on icloud my old phone(Iphone4), when i sign into icloud using my new phone(iphone4S), its saying i have no saved backups... ?

iPhone 4
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    Hello Kristeenaalyssa,


    Congratulations on your new iPhone 4S!  I found an article that might help with your situation of not being able to restore your backup of your iPhone 4 to your new iPhone 4S:


    iOS: Unable to restore from backup of a newer device



    The article includes the information listed below:



    • iTunes displays the alert "No backups available."


    • Update your device to the latest version of iOS to be able to restore the backup.
    • iOS does not support restoring a backup from a newer version of iOS to a device using an older version of iOS.
    • Example: Restoring a backup from an iOS 5.1 device to an iOS 5.0 or iOS 4.x device is not supported.


    Your iPhone 4S might be a newer phone, but it may not have the latest software updates straight out of the box.  You might have already been up to date to the latest version of the iOS software on your iPhone 4, so updating your iPhone 4S to the latest iOS software might make those backups visible.



    Sheila M.