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okay, so i remember having the padlock always on the top of my lock screen when its locked, & i just recently noticed that its no longer there. i still have a passcode on my phone, but the padlock isnt where it was, but the time still shows up. i just wanted to know if it was normal, or if i can put it back somehow. i have the iphone 4s if that makes any difference. please help.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Oddly, I remember having it too. I just checked my Iphone 5, and there is no little lock icon, but everything seems normal. I wouldn't worry about it, it doesn't change anything.

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    I think the padlock has to do with screen rotation http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3805


    Try toggle between the two settings and see if the lock reappears.  If not then reboot the phone

    Restart iPhone: Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the home button together until the apple logo appears (ignore the ON/OFF slider) then let both buttons go and wait for phone to restart (no data will be lost).


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    Ocean20 is right. I had forgotten, but yes, if you locked your screen rotation and then locked your phone, the icon would remain visible. If you want that lock back, just double click home, scroll left, and lock your orientation.