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I down loaded 2 mp3 files from my church website and I cannot find them on my iPhone 4 at all.  Where should I look?

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    On an iPhone you can only download into the Music app from the iTunes store app, or sync to it from your computer's iTunes - you can't download music from Safari, or any other browser/app, into Music. Or have you got a third-party music app on your phone that you selected with 'open in' when downloading them ?

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    give me an example of a third party app please.  At first it would not let me download it.  then i downloaded the WinZip app and it let me.  the files that i downloaded were not actual music, but they were preaching messages.  On the church web site it said that i would be able to download the same files on 3 different devices.  now i go back and it says i have no downloads left (i tried to download it to my mac book as well).

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    I don't use any, but a search for MP3 in the store should find some. If you needed to download the Winzip app (which I also don't have) then did you select that app when downloading them and are they in it ?