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Mac OS X

Anyone know how to make POP servers obey the preference in Apple Mail: Accounts > Advanced > Remove copy from server after retrieving a message: When moved from inbox. ??


This is the way I have all my mobile devices set with the hope that I can delete unwanted email once and not have to do it on each Apple device I have redundently.


My Mac Pro main computer is set to remove mail immediately which my POP servers obey.


The issue is when I'm away from my Mac Pro and want to check my mail delete once.


I know IMAP would obey this, but I have several email accounts and ISPs and want to have one set of folders and with IMAP I gather I'd have to store my email separately for each email account which is the one virtual for POP where I can store "On My Mac" in one set of folders on my Mac Pro, realizing I can't access them as if they were stored on a server using any device.




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