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I am sorry, a new mac user here.


I have only moved respective files to trash, and went in to system preferences, and login items, and I only see itunes helper in there. No bitdefender entries at all. And yet, everytime I reboot my system, i have 2 windows that popup on my mac.


one being an apple ad for iphone.

and the other is bitdefender extension install request.


Please help, i want to remove these both.



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    Thanks Imp68,


    Not only some of those folders that are mentioned on the article not present on my ~Library, but even the folders that exist, there is no entries refering to BitDefender Plugin.


    Its very annoying that every time i start my machine, this plugin install request brings safari up.


    Please help.

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    Hmm perhaps /StartupItems?


    And its normal for some of those folders to not exist.

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    try http://apps.tempel.org/FindAnyFile/ & search for name contains : bitdefender

    also for safariextz, since a safari extension will have that filename -ending.


    where did you get whatever installed this ?

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    Imp68 - There is no items in Startupitems folder at all.


    andyBall_uk - yes, I found a file safariextz that bitdefender uses to reinstall the addon to, and trashed it. reboot my pc, and volla its back.


    call me stupid, i even removed my user account and deleted all files associated with it, just to see if this annoyance can go away.


    its all because, I tried to install Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. Trial from their website. Now their .dmg file comes with an uninstaller. But running it, doesn't do anything. I rebooted my pc several times, only to get disappointed. This is increasingly becoming frustrating, i am even thinking about wiping my mac clean and reinstalling Mac OS X Mountain Lion all over. ( A guy with no home, living off public wifi, and motel wifi, it isn't easy to download 4.4GB file, which requires 44 hours plus according to download manager, so I am trying to do anything and everything that can help me not to reinstall a fresh copy of OS ).

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    the uninstaller appears to reference all the files which should be removed, and yet...


    do you still have

    /System/Library/Extensions/IOKitBDAv.kext ?


    you created a new user account, restarted, and still got the safari extension message?

    Find any File, run as root (option-click the Find button) name contains : Bitdefender

    reveals nothing ?

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    I do not have /System/Library/Extensions/IOKitBDAv.kext ?. Did you mean /system/library/safari/extension? if so I have trashed everything within that folder. So it is empty.


    Yup, I created a new user accoung, restarted, and still the safari extension install request pops up every reboot.


    Sorry again, this is my first mac, and i have no clue how to run it as root and where to even search.

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    not run the mac as root, just Find any File... it means it searches even in places you don't normally have access to, although that shouldn't be necessary.


    Open Find any File

    set the search as pictured below, your Mactintosh HD might have a different name

    2013-05-07 at 18.19.13.jpg

    then press the alt or option key (next to the command) and Fnd button will change to 'Find All'...

    click it, you'll be asked for an admin name/password


    any results there beyond webpages, caches, & the search itself ?