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I checked it four times. My mothers says its staticky . What do I do next. I turned it off completely and restarted the iPad. I turned off my router and started again.

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3, People can't hear me on FaceTime. S
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    Hi Maxmurphy12,



    While the following article refers to iPhone, the same steps apply for the iPad:


    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting



    In FaceTime or video recording, verify that both the mic in the receiver opening and the mic near the rear camera are not blocked.


    In speakerphone mode and using the phone with the display:


    - Face up, verify that the mic in the receiver opening is not blocked.

    - Face down, verify that the mic near the rear camera is not blocked.

    - In handset mode, make sure the bottom mic near the headset jack is not blocked.


    All models


    - If a protective case is used, try removing iPhone (iPad) from the case.

    - Try turning iPhone (iPad) off and then on again.


    If you are still having issues, we'll need to restore the device to isolate the issue further.


    iTunes: Restoring iOS software






    Matt M.