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Is it possible to sync specific folders/files from my iMac to my iBook over wifi, replacing corresponding items on my iBook?

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8), iBook is running 10.5
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    What do you mean by syncing to your "iBook"??  iBook is an iOS based App, not a device.  Did you mean "MacBook" or something like that?  If that is what you intended to ask, the answer is a tentative "Yes", but both the iMac and the MacBook would have to be running at least OS X "Lion" 10.7 so that you could sync them throough Lion's "iCloud" feature.  Otherwise I am not aware of a way.


    The system requirements for using Lion 10.7 are:



    OS X Lion system requirements

    To use Lion, make sure your computer has the following:

    • An Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
    • Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later to install via the Mac App Store (v10.6.8 recommended); you can install without Mac OS X v10.6 by using an OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive, available on the Apple Online Store
    • 7 GB of available disk space
    • 2 GB of RAM

    If your Mac does not meet these requirements, you will need to upgrade your Mac before installing Lion.

    For more information, see OS X Lion - Technical Specifications.


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    What I have is not an iOS based App, it is a laptop computer, made by Apple.  Specifically, I have an iBook G3.  Old, but still useful.  This is NOT an Intel-based computer.  Also, since I am not running Lion, I guess it can't be done.  Thanks for your help.

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    You can use DropBox to seamlessly sync data files between your two computers. Strictly speaking the files have to be kept in a DropBox folder for this to work, but there are work arounds. You have to sign up for the DropBox service and you get 2GB with a free account.


    There are services similar to DropBox including GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, just to name a few but how far back they support older systems I don't know. Many have websites too so you can sync to the site seamlessly from the newer computer and use the Web site to download/upload data from the older one.