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Hey anyone and everyone, My question has already been asked way back in 2008. At the time there didn't seem to be solution.


I am on an animation project in Keynotes where I'd like to creat action from inside of my slide to the outsides horizontally.

Of course I can move my image totally out on the left side but then I can't bring it back in again (the slide workspace being anchored to the top and left side).

The right side & bottom works fine!


Is there any way to move the slide workspace into the centre of the canvas, as in PowerPoint?


Well, I hope Apple has found a solution after 5 years.

Can someone hep me please? Thanks in advance!

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 Level 6

    The slide is permanently "glued" at the top and left side and cant be moved.


    This does not prevent  setting up a build or an action build to move an object off screen, therefore I don't understand what you mean by:

    but then I can't bring it back in again


    Do you mean a three point build where an object builds in, out and in again?


    What is preventing you "bringing it back"?


    What build are you using?

  • i love apple and apple loves me Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for replying!

    I should have said that I'm really NEW to keynote.



    Ok… I have an image of a door that slides open from the centre to the left and right & are completely out of the slide workspace. When after a bit of animation (a few slides down) I want the door to close again.


    I can get hold of the right side of the door because I can see it on the canvas. I can clic on the points of the red line to bring the ghost image to the centre of the slide again.


    But I can't do the same for the left side. The red line with it's points seem to be behind the thumbnail area.