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Ok guys i really need your help on this!
I had just gotten a ipod 2nd gen (about 3 days ago) it was working fine with flying colours and i tried to but apps on it and it turns out that its outated (oh goodie).
Well after that happend i just put some podcasts on the ipod then went to bed.
So the next day i went to put a new podcast on my ipod and well it didnt connect to itunes and i googled everything that could have happend and tried mostly everything.
Well guys i need step by step easy things that will reconnect my ipod to itunes and remember i have tried most things.
I know we can solve this things dont just stop working.

I am using a ipod touch 2g on windows and the ipod has ios 4.2.1


Well thanks guys


iPod touch, iOS 4.2