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need help syncing ibooks and kindle

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    just to be clear, I just bought a kindle and Ive already bought a few a books on ibooks and would like to put those books on my kindle

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    Most ebooks have digital rights management on them which tie them to the store's own apps and ereaders, so the majority of ibooks from Apple can only be read in the iBooks app on an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. If they are free ibooks or from one or two publishers (I think O'Reilly is one) then you may be able to copy them to your Kindle, but the majority of them won't work with it.


    You can find where an ibook is store on your computer by selecting it in the Books part of your computer's iTunes and right-clicking it and selecting 'show in explorer' (if you are on a Mac then control-click it and select 'show in finder')