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I'm considering getting an iMac or Mac Mini so I can run Xcode.

My budget is low, so I'm considering just getting a Mini and using it with an old VGA/DVI monitor.

However, as the iMac includes a monitor, mouse, and keyboard, it's actually the same price as a Mini with a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Plus, the iMacs are more powerful.

I don't intend to do much on it, just Xcode and maybe some gaming. Gaming is not the deciding factor here.

I've been searching for an answer for hours, and all I found were outdated threads.

My question is:


Are 8GB of RAM really necessary for Xcode, and is the quad-core CPU of the iMac needed?



I also read that an iMac can be used as an external display, but only the 27" models.

I am looking at a 21" 2013 model.

I currently use a Windows gaming desktop, and have lots of extra monitors lying around.

Multi-display support is a must for me, and the iMac screen is way better than anything else I have.


Is it possible to use a 21" iMac as an external display for a Windows machine using a DVI/DisplayPort adapter?

I've read in different forums that "it has to be Thunderbolt". "It has to be a 27" not a 21". "It has to be 2010 or older".




Can I use an iMac as an external display for my Windows desktop, and can it be the 21" model?


I'm not getting a Mac very soon, so please take your time.


-Thanks a lot,



BTW: This is my first post, so it's probably horrible.