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Every time i try to burn an exising playlist on to a brand new cd, it goes about half way and then a box pops up that reads "An unknown error (4310) has occured." I tried the diagnostic test and even after, nothing changed. Is there anything else i can do?

iPhone 4, Windows 8
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    Hello aleahcim915,


    I was looking through our resources for troubleshooting cd burning errors in iTunes for Windows, and came across some great information for you. I would first recommend you use this article named iTunes for Windows: Additional troubleshooting tips for burning issues found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1374.


    Start here, and work your way down:




    If after following the instructions in this document you still can't read or burn discs, try the following:

    Try other software

    • Open a different music player, such as Windows Media Player, and test if it can play a CD you've burned.
    • Open the CD burning software that came with your computer or disc drive, and test to see if it can burn a CD.

    If you're not able to read or burn discs using other software, there may be a more general issue with your computer or the drive. You should probably contact your computer or drive manufacturer for help. In the mean time, try the tips below.

    Use good blank discs

    Some brands of blank discs may work better with your drive than others. Check the disc manufacturer's website for the brand of blank discs you are using. Many brands post lists of drives that have issues burning to their discs. They may also publish tips on how to troubleshoot burning issues.

    You can use the chart below as a general guideline to assess what types of CD-R media are compatible with different drive types.



    If need be you can also re install iTunes, and Apple has another article that will walk you through that. For Windows 7+ and Vista, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923 depending on the version you have installed.


    All the best,


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    Thank you so much!

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    Uninstall all apple components

    restart computer

    disable any antivirus

    install itunes and quicktime