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I have had this ongoing problem for some time,  I was asked to  reissue it to learn more about the next step in my troubleshooting isolation and maybe get some fresh ideas.  I have an Apple G3 B/W PPC desktop ( my RAM is woefully low and I know I need to add more) with an Upgraded G4 Processor.  My problem is two-fold; 1) I am unable to highlight text for the purpose of copy/paste/delete. This occurs when I am in a internet browser, Mail or an Application, such as Microsoft Office. 2) I am also unable to move windows on my desktop.


I have had a number of troubleshooting recommendations ,among the ones I have executed:

I have done items  1 - 4

1) Safe Boot>Use Disk Utility > repair Permissions>Repair Hard Drive >Retest problems( tested both in Safe/Normal Mode)

2) Used Applejack to  assure my hardware was in good working order >Safe Boot >Disk Utilities >Repair Permissions > Retest Problems ( tested in both Modes)

3) Create New Account to verify if problem is Account Specific

4) Disconnect all Peripherals and non Apple Hardware (USB Hub and HIGH SPEED PCI USB Adapter



5) Performed OS X 10.4.11 Combo Update > Retest Problems

6) Check Ownership & Permission of the following Files

User/You User Name/Preferences/,plist




**All files were set to READ & WRITE

7) Was recommended to execute Archive & Install of OS X 10.4. Tiger >Software Update > Safe Boot >Disk Utility > Repair Permissions > Retest Problem

8) was recommended to read US  **Stated that Idid not experience symptoms outlined in document. Was informed that /tmp folder was also responsible for Copy/Paste

9) was provided a program, /tmp to be inputted into my computer*


* THIS IS THE NEXT STEP.  I have several questions regarding inputing the /tmp program into my computer, since this is my first attempt at entering code

a) Do I use the Terminal program listed in the Utilities App?

b) Do I enter the lines of code one at a time or do I copy and paste the whole program?

c) Is there anything special I need to do to exit the program when I have completed the line by line code input or the copy/paste input?



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    Do I use the Terminal program listed in the Utilities App?


    Do I enter the lines of code one at a time or do I copy and paste the whole program?

    One at at a time.

    Is there anything special I need to do to exit the program when I have completed the line by line code input or the copy/paste input?

    Just restart.

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    I finally inputed the Code for the /tmp program into my computer after encountering a few problems; 1) mispelled a word ( after five lines) and hit return before I noticed it.  I thought it would be better to restart over, so I exited Terminal and relaunched.  2) I kept getting syntax error, when I typed in line 1 so combined lines 1 and 2 together separated the two lines with a space between the arrows, < >and received a > after typing in the complete 2nd line.  From there I typed line by line. to the end.  I exited the Terminal program and restarted as you recommended ( You did not say to exit the Terminal program,though). 


    Is there a way to check if the file is actually in the computer, because, I am still unable to highlight, copy or paste and I am wondering if I missed a step that I actually should have done but did not that I should have done it.

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    Wel, the folder should be at root of the drive...


    Show Hidden Files 1.0...



    Hidden Way is a toggle for hidden files view in Finder...



    Show hidden files in OSX Finder


    Open the Terminal and type or copy/paste:


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true


    Reverting to the default of NOT showing hidden files:


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false


    *Restart or Force Quit Finder required to take effect.*




    Finder Force Quit, or restart required to take effect.

  • Darrell R Coe Level 1 (145 points)

    Please correct me if I am wrong.  I am only asking because of my inexperience


    "Wel, the folder should be at root of the drive"..


    No File named Show Hidden Files1.0 show in root



    showed option to show hidden files



    this site just showed where you could find the Hidden File, I think


    "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true" Used to show files

    "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false" Used to Hide files

    file to be typed in Terminal App.. Should there be< at beginning and > at end end of each line of code?


    *Restart or Force Quit Finder required to take effect.

    When typing the code, I exited Terminal before restarting.  Could this be the reason that there is no Hidden Files listed?



    Site I think is in Swedish.  I have a tough enough tme being 3rd Genration Chinese .

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    Oh sorry, the folder "tmp" is at root, & may be hidden or invisable, in which case those apps or terminal commands can make visable.

  • Darrell R Coe Level 1 (145 points)


  is the site written in a foreign language

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    For which link?


    Sorry were not making headway here.

  • Darrell R Coe Level 1 (145 points)

    "For which link?

  was listed several panes above


    Sorry were not making much headway here


    You are doing the best you can and I really appreciate it, but at least I am learning to do something I never knew before.  I'm just sorry you have to work with me. Like I said before, you're working with an individual a few brain cells short f a full load.



    After inputting defaults write com .apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles bool true I performed the restart without exiting out of Terminal, the computer booted to a darrellcoe pane (which I am assuming is the root)The pane listed the following documents:


    CFUser TextEncoding

    DS Store


    Trash    >




    I saw  no reference to /tmp or hidden files.  I'm thinking the code I typed in did not take.  If you want me to retype the code, just tell me

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,276 points)

    In termimal...



    cd /


    ls -a



    is tmp listed there?


    Might you trust me to control your Mzc remotely while you watch?


    Contact me by jonig my sight listed in my profile if so

  • Darrell R Coe Level 1 (145 points)

    I am unable to locate APPs on My HD, meaning I can't access Terminal to see if /tmp is located in my system.  Of xourse you may access my computer remotely.  But I am unable to find the sight you are speaking of.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,276 points)



    How much longer are you up?


    Is your Mac connected directly to a Modem, or through a Router?

  • Darrell R Coe Level 1 (145 points)

    Read your response from the Recent Activity when I clicked on your name.  Yes my computer is connected to a modem.


    I'm up, but if you would like to stat fresh tomorrow morning, I'm up for that too, your call


    Did  you see, after I put in the code to allow the hidden Files to be shown, the APP Folder no longer appears when I click the Hard Drive from my desktop

  • Darrell R Coe Level 1 (145 points)

    I erred,  my computer is connected to a router

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    Strange, what time zone are you in?


    Did you join yet... I don't see it... we need some info you wouldn't want to post hear, like your IP.


    You tell me what time is best... I'm an insomniacc!

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