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I have an iphone 4S with IOS 6.1.3.  I use the Gmail app with no issues to send and receive messages.  However, when I attempt to send mail attachments directly from the phone's voice memos or camera roll functions, the messages get stuck in the Mail app outbox.  I receive no warning that there is an error when sending these messages, they just never send and I find them sitting in the outbox.  I've tried resending from the outbox with no luck.


For camera roll pictures, I've gotten around the problem by composing a message in Gmail and then browse and attach the photos to the e-mail.  I don't think there is a similar solution for voice memos.  The only options within voice memos is to either directly e-mail or text the memos (but e-mail isn't working).  I don't see a way to save the memo and attach them like pictures as I can do in Gmail.


I would love to be able to actually send emails directly from voice memo and/or camera roll, but I'm also open to work-arounds.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    I've been having similar issues with my iPhone 5 and the latest iOS version.  I read somewhere else about an issue with having Exchange and Imap in use with Mail being an issue.  I had both, but had my Exchange connection to Gmail off.  I was still having the issue.


    The solution that worked was to delete my Exchange Gmail account.  Now, emails are being sent immediately.  If you have Exchange and Imap Gmail accounts on your iPhone, pick one and delete the other.  Good luck.