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I have troubles sharing photos in my 'i photo' library via e mail. In the past I was able to send e mails with the pictures I selected but suddenly - without making any change  - I am no longer able to send messages. Internet is working fine and I can send message from 'mail' but not form 'i photo'.


This is the answer I get (not only now but I tried for several days)



Check your Internet connection. If the connection is working properly, the email server may be down. Try sending your email again later.





Any idea how this can be solved.







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    iPhoto Menu ->



    Preferences ->



    Accounts ->



    Delete and recreate your email settings.



    Alternatively, use Apple's Mail for the job. It has Templates too - and more of them.

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    Thanks for your suggestions.


    1. I deleted and recreated the accounts but still not working. I really like to use is as I am using very often one of the templates. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.


    2. So far I never sent  photos directly from 'mail'. I am really glad you told me. I discovered something new and for sure some of the templates I plan to use very often.





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    Call tech support for your e-mail service and have them tell you the correct settings for their service - do it while you are at your computer so you can make the settings and test them while tech support is on the phone with you



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    This is what I will do.

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    I just like to let you know the problem is fixed. At the end I did not have to call tech support.


    This worked for me:



    Preferences on Mail - Accounts - Account Information - Outgoing mail server : change to icloud & use this server only.


    Before that I also recreated all the mail accounts. Maybe this has something to do with it as well but at least it worked.