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I just upgraded to Mountain Lion (10.8.3) from Lion and I am having some issues.  This post relates to my problem with Numbers '09 version 2.3 (554) - latest.  I already have a number of spreadsheets that I used all the time on Lion.  After the upgrade, Numbers loads and the files open.  HOWEVER the contents of each sheet cannot be seen.  The pane on the left showing the sheets and their tables and charts is fine but the main pane that would normally contain the selected spreadsheet is a completely blank white pane.  The toolbar is fine and the Numbers menus respond.  If I select "cells" in the white area by randomly clicking around then I see different format buttons highlight in the toolbar and if there is a data value in a cell then it shows up in the top line below the toolbar and above the empty sheet pane but not in the sheet itself.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Mac Pro (Early 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), Numbers '09 version 2.3 (554)
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    Just to add some more information.  I have completely removed all traces of iWork and Numbers from my machine and reinstalled from the App Store with the same results.  Furthermore, If I create a new file from even a somewhat complex template the sheet pane is still a stark blank white.

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    There may be a pending update for your system or for Numbers

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    Open the App Store (using the menu item " > App Store") and select the "Updates" icon at the top (to the right)

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    Thanks Wayne but I have the latest version of OS and Numbers according to the App Store.  It tells me that there are no updates.


    For reference, I have a mini running ML that can handle these files just fine, although to be fair the versions might not be exactly the same (this machine is remote from me).  In fact I used iTeleport to run numbers on the mini with the same data files last night so that I could keep working.


    I think that it is a configuration issue of some sort on my local machine.  When I upgraded the mini to ML, I did a clean install while on the pro, I updated in place.  Maybe I need a clean install but I was hoping to avoid that.

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    try in a different (or new) user.  If problem is only in your user space then delete Numbers preference files

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    I had already deleted all preferences and reloaded numbers, but I did try your suggestion.  I created a new user and opened numbers.  When I created a new file I had the same problem with the white pane and the data there but hidden from me.  Again I could click on cells and see values and formats but the pane stayed stubbonly white.   Thanks for your help but I don't think this is going to be easy unless there is a security setting or something that hides the main pane until you issue some magic incantation.

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    This is all very strange but my Numbers issue is now resolved.


    Although I had tried to solve my problem by making changes and restarting (warm reboot)  multiple times, nothing had helped.


    However, I just closed all my apps and then did a complete shutdown.  Next, I powered up using the button on the front of the Pro (cold reboot) and all is well.


    I have no idea what was going on but I was having other problems that I described elsewhere in these support discussions  and they are now resolved also.


    For reference, those issues were:

         choppy transitions between desktops and especially swiping to the dashboard,

         choppy animation when opening the Apps folder from the dock,

         opening notification center was very choppy and showed red streaks,

          AutoCAD LT wouldn't load indicating that my system was unsupported (not true when all is well again),



    So, it seems to me that the graphics subsystem was not  being recognised correctly before the reboot and that was causing all of my problems.  The screensaver had also stopped working being replaced by a screensaver consisting only of the text, "Quartz Composer."   I expect that will also work now.