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how do I unlock a disable ipad / my son attempted to use my ipad and didn't know I changed the password

iPad 2
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    It has to be re-installed through iTunes but it can't be plugged in like normal. use the steps found at  support.apple.com/kb/ht1808

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    Back it up and restore it on the last computer it was synced with.  If the passcode was set an the iPad never synced since the new passcode was set, you'll have to place it in recovery mode to restore it, the restore an existing backup, if you have one.  These options are explained at the bottom of this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1212.

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    After a device has been disabled by entering the wrong passode it will make you wait a time limit before you can try again. after so many attempts it will be disabled and not let you try anymore. then you will have to put it in recovery mode and restore the ipad.


    1. first turn off the ipad

    2. then hold the home button while you plug in the device into a computer with itunes

    3. Itunes should dectect the device in recover mode and only give you option to restore

    4. during the restore process it will give you the option to restore from backup


    Another way if you don't have itunes but have icloud find my device setup on on the ipad is to goto icloud.com and put the device in lost mode and do a remote erase. after the erase you can restore a backup on the device.

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    The steps in HT1808 are to place it into recovery mode.

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    thank you so much, i knew there wasnt much science to it but i found it right away thanks to your sharing

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    but i dont get how to restore it by itunes it tells me that i have to login to itunes then to icloude then it tell me that i cant us icloude for a reson i dont remember