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I run Mac OSX 10.7 5 and I have Logic Pro 8 already installed years ago when I bought the Logic Pro Studio package.


I realize that some plug-ins are not installed, e.g ESX24.


I dug up the installation DVD and when I tried to run the package I got following message: "You can't open the application LogicStudio.mpkg because PowerPC applications are no longer supported"

I don't get it, I'm running a MacPro 2 x 3Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon.


In fact, what I'm really trying to do is get the ESX24 plug-in installed.


How do I go about it? and why am I getting that strange message. Does that mean I can't re-install Logic Pro if, e.g. my hard disk goes on the brink?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I found out the answer, something to do with Rosetta, etc...


    In any case, silly me didn't realize you need a Digidesign interface to use ESX24. I'm using FocusRite Pro40

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    2 things:


    a) The EXS24 is built-in to the Logic Application. If it is not there or working, you may have an issue with the installation.


    It IS possible to install Logic Studio (1) using Pacifist. The standard mpkg is PPC only but the rest of it works fine.


    2) You do NOT need a DigiD interface to use the EXS24. Choose the correct interface (Focusrite) via Preferences:Audio (assuming you have installed any drivers that are needed).