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How can i transfer someone else's contacts from my windows PC to their new iPhone? Im trying to help out a friend who doesn't have a computer transfer his contacts from their old Nokia phone to their new iPhone. Every time i have tried with iTunes, iTunes thinks his iPhone is my iPhone and not a different iPhone. I just want to transfer his contacts and photos without  syncing / transferring my contacts, music, photos or apps on his device. Would appreciate any ideas.

iPhone 5
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    Are you trying to transfer contacts from microsoft outlook to iphone?

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    I have transferred/sync the contacts from the Nokia to the iPhone using Nokia PC suite. They are saved in outlook express windows contacts. I have read some articles about creating a new user account but am unable to do this because it is a work computer and a lot of things are locked on it such as download new software etc. I do have iTunes on the computer though.

    I also have my own personal MacBook Pro laptop but am not sure how to transfer the Nokia contacts to it as I have read that the new operating systems no longer have iSync.

    Please help

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    If you want iTunes to recognize the new iPhone as a new iPhone, you need to create a new iTunes library for that new iPhone.  Close iTunes.  Then hold shift+alt and double click iTunes to program.  It'll prompt you to choose a library.  Click "Create Library" to create a new library for the new iPhone.  After you've finished syncing contacts, close iTunes and do the same procedure but this time choosing your library.