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firstly, I'm french, and my english is probably not very good.


I've tried to share internet connection from my iMac (under OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard) to my iPod a long time ago. It worked. But suddenly, it stopped to work. No update, no software installation, no settings' changes...


I also tried to share internet connection on another Mac, a Macbook Pro under Snow Leopard. It worked. I tried with my iPad mini a few weeks later, it didn't work. Then, I tried with my iPod touch : no result. I've checked the WiFi settings on both devices.There is only IP and Subnet mask, while when it worked, there was full settings. My iPod is running iOS 5.0.1 and my iPad mini has iOS 6.1.2. They are both jailbroken. My iPad's WiFi settings are ajusted thus :


IP Adress : DHCP

Subnet mask :

Router : Blank

DNS : Blank

Search domains : Blank

Client ID : Blank


HTTP Proxy : Disabled



My iMac Ethernet settings are ajusted thus :



Ethernet is actually online and has the IP adress


Configuring IPv4 : DHCP

IP Adress :

Subnet :

Router :

DNS server (gray) :,

Search domains (gray) : home


The Internet Sharing works with another iMac, running OS X Lion, but I just want to have it on my iMac Can you help me, please ? I'm really disappointed.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Internet sharing failed
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    I just disabled the Firewall, so now my iPad has full ajusted WiFi settings, and a WiFi icon (before there wasn't anything) in the statusbar, but if I go to Safari, the page loads indefinitely and in the Activity Monitor, on the Mac, there is no internet trafic.