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HGFireHazard Level 1 Level 1
This isn't the first time this has happened. Holding the Play/Pause button will not shut off the iPod. I've tried switching the lock on and off, shuffling through menus and retrying, plugging in to computer and trying, unplugging and trying and it still will not shut off. I don't want to erase it and start over unless there are other options first (I have lots of music that has to be converted). Thanks.

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  • Bryan Mick Level 6 Level 6
    Try holding the MENU and SELECT (center) buttons until you see the Apple logo to reset it. Then see if it'll turn off.

  • HGFireHazard Level 1 Level 1
    I did that and it didn't work at first so I tried to play a song and then turn it off and it worked then. Hopefully this doesn't reoccur, in any case, thank you for your help.
  • David Kudrev Level 1 Level 1
    I've had that happen a few times, and its starting to really s**t me to tears.. i got the 60gb model, so i just restored it, hopefully will fix that problem once and for all...
  • Gavin@York Level 1 Level 1
    see 31 May - 14:23 - titled Cant turn off
  • Russ29 Level 1 Level 1
    This happened to my 30GB model. It's not that it won't turn off (that's just the symptom) it's that the whole unit just freezes and you have to reset to get it going again.

    I went through the 5R's, in fact restoring the iPod only made the problem worse.

    In the end I had to return it to an Apple store and they swapped it for anew one with no exlanation of what the problem was.


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  • Guillermina Level 1 Level 1
    hi, i had the same problem i restored the ipod and it works perfectly fine now
    another solution if you dont want to loose your songs is going to settings --> main manu ----> sleep. then when you want to turn it off you go in the main manu to sleep and it turns off
  • Sharu Level 1 Level 1
    Happened with my nano before, it just wouldn't turn off, no matter who tried or what I tried.

    I restored the nano to factory settings and it was fine after that. Did you check to see you had the latest updates (iTunes/iPod updater)? Also you might want to becareful on how you're pressing the play/pause button because if you press it at a different angle, the button won't recognize what you're trying to do and not turn off.
  • Brad Garrett Level 1 Level 1
    it hapened to me to i think that the hard drive is still spinning so it cant shut off but i updated to 1.1.1 and all my problems went away including thae video problems
  • G Senn Level 1 Level 1
    iPod Video 30... Same problem since day 1, but found a work around without any re-install.

    1. Stop all activity
    2. Leave alone for ±5 minutes (yes that long!)
    3. Press and hold the play/pause as usual

    Pain in the neck, but it does do the trick
  • Ju Lock Level 1 Level 1
    Try holding the MENU and SELECT (center) buttons
    until you see the Apple logo to reset it. Then see
    if it'll turn off.


    I am glad someone knows how to solve this problem.I have had this problem with my Ipod several times and never knew what to do other than to let the battery die.Thanks.