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This is a bit frustrating. I know it'll be something simple but I've never ran into this problem before. I usually just do tracks where I play and program everything, but I'm doing a mashup and it's making the instrumental mp3 file a lower pitch and slower. I would have thought it would be to match the tempo my song is set at, but the original instrumental is the correct tempo already, and logic has just made it too slow, and too low. Why? and how can I stop this? Thanks.


P.s. on the top black bar of the audio parts, everyone of them has that standard stereo symbol (two linked circles) but on the track that is getting slowed down it has two smaller ovals linked with a line above the top of them and a line below the bottom of them. Has this anything to do with it?


Help will be appreciated, haha. 

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)