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Have been receiving the following message in iTunes when trying to redeem a code included in a DVD package with the "Jack Reacher" movie for a digital copy:  "Code redemption is temporarily unavailable.  Please try again later."  I have tried re-downloading iTunes and am still receiving this message for 3 days.  How can this condition be corrected?

Windows Vista
  • brenden dv Community Specialists

    Hi JBC2854,


    If you are having issues redeeming the digital copy code in iTunes, I would follow the steps in this article, including contacting iTunes Store Support if the issue persists:


    Transferring or downloading an iTunes Digital Copy



    - Brenden

  • mattyp4 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been having the same problem. 


    Brenden, these instructions are just the basic steps on redeeming iTunes Digital Copies.  We've probably all done it before.  You aren't really addressing the error message we're receiving.


    I get this "code redemption is temporarily unavailable" when I go through the "Redeem" link under the Quick Links section of the iTunes home page.


    However, if I go through the links given with the Blu-ray/DVD insert, and am directed to iTunes that way, I go through all the steps fine & submit my code, but then a window pops up asking me if I want to download the movie now or later.  I always selection "Download" but nothing happens.  (It also says that if I wanted to download the movie later, I can do so "from the movies section of [my] iTunes library," but I don't get that.  It doesn't appear anywhere on my computer, in my cloud library, etc, etc.) 


    This has been happening for the past few days-- using three different movie codes.... from three different content providers/movie studios.  (So it's not like one company is having issues.)  I've also tried downloading from another computer associated with my account but I'm having the same issues.


    Last week I actually downloaded a few different titles with no problems.  I'm not doing anything different.  Yet the three I'm trying to download this week are giving me these issues.


    I contacted Apple about this & their solution was "check to make sure you have an Internet connection," which I most certainly did. 

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    Same issue here, try on my home destop PC, then try on my home laptop PC, nothing I said to myself, maybe they don't PC, so I tried on my work Macbook Pro...same problem...same error: Code redemption is temporarily unavailable...


    But then I try on my iPad...I guess what??  it work!!  I manage to redeem it on my iPad, but not on iTune from my PC and Macbook!!


    Apple people; you need to fix this...downloding from my iPad is a not good long term solution.  iPad memory storage is limited, even with sync back and's a pain to manage.  ANd not everyone had an iPad or iPhone...

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    Thanks, ctg1979.  I had been wondering if this would solve the problem.  And you're right-- it did.  I just had to delete a bunch of stuff on my iPad to make room for the download.  (And won't have enouogh room for the other two movies I'm still trying to redeem/download.)  But thanks for the tip!  Maybe this will lead Apple to determine the problem with the PC downloads.

  • mattyp4 Level 1 (0 points)



    After successfully downloading it onto my iPad, I then tried downloading it onto my computer via iCloud.  I was met with a message that read "This cannot be played in HD on this computer.  If you buy the HD version you will have to transfer it to an HD-compatible device in order to watch it.  Or, you can buy the SD version and watch it on this computer." 


    The SD version, buy the way, is $12.99.  I don't know why we can't just choose to download the SD version if our computers can't play the HD version.  (I'm referring to Digital Copies that come with phyiscal Blu-rays.)  BUt what's weird is that I was able to successfully download/redeem 3 HD movies & an HD TV series last week on my computer via Digital Copy codes.


    Oh well. 

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    Same error! Trying to redeem digital movie download codes and telling me the same! Customer support has been worthless and won't answer why it keeps telling me that. Have sent specifics and pictures but still no answers or help. They just keep sending me links with instructions on how to redeem the codes. Sorry, not stupid!!!!! Also had the same problem with the HD movies. Bought a couple of movies on my iPad and downloaded fine, but wouldn't let me download onto my computer. I would say that apple has some explaining to do and some customer support that has some knowledge and knows how to answer questions, not just canned responses that have nothing to do with the actual issue.

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    I am having the exact same problems and am very frustrated!!!

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    I am having the exact same problem with the following movies:


    Jack Reacher


    Hellboy 2


    Bourne Legacy

    Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. Has a solution been found yet.


    Please post. I am really frustrated about this



  • shark markman Level 1 (0 points)

    turn caps lock off. it will work. The LETTERS ARE PRINTED IN CAPITALS ON THE CARD but the letters are entered as lower case in itunes.


    good luck

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    This solved my question

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    Hi, I was running into similar issues and when I redeem the code on the iPhone, download it on the iPhone it is then available under purchased on the iPad and other devices. It's worked twice now. Hope it helps!

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    After 50 or so tries to redeem $150 worth of gift cards and to continue for over three weeks to get the message "Code redemption is temporarily unavailable Try again later. (10002)" certainly feels like a rip off.  How many other individuals and millions of $$ are being held in gift card limbo.  Great profit margin if you can get the money and not deliver any product.

  • jeffrey512 Level 1 (20 points)

    Try clicking "Redeem" from the "Quick Links" menu on the right side when you're viewing the iTunes Store homepage within the iTunes application/program on a computer.  Any luck?

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    Thank you very much, been struggling for a while.

    To Apple : "Redemption by camera" also reads the code in Capital, and that's the reason it doesn't work.

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