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My speakers on my iPhone 5 stopped working - tried resetting the phone and restarting. I even downloaded the most recent update which was supposed to update the sound profiles but still not working. Anyone else experiencing this?

iPhone 5
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    Make sure your mute bar is switched up and the orange dot doesn't show.

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    The issue is that my speaker phone does not work. I also am not able to play music or here any ringtone - seems that the speaker is dead and will have to swap out for new phone.

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    I'm having the same issue. Mine stopped working about 2 weeks ago and I've scoured message boards to find a solution. Tried all the advice and nothing works. Thought the update would fix it as it does seem to be a common problem experienced by numerous people in the last month. I'm about to try a restore and if that doesn't work, I'll be going back to my provider to demand a new phone.

  • smehr Level 1 Level 1

    I tried to see if the AT&T store could help me because there is one very close to my home, but they directed me to take the phone into an Apple Store. The issue with my phone (and I would guess yours as well) is that the speakers at the base of the phone died. When I took mine in, they said it would take between 20-30 minutes to make the repair. If you look at the base of your phone, the metal cover along the bottom is a seperate piece that is held on by two screws. I'm guessing they simply unscrewed the bottom and connected a new set of speakers. Hope this helps - I know I was frustrated too just thinking that this was a setting / software issue.

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    I got an iPhone 5 as soon as it came out in September 2012. Three months later, in December, the speaker stopped working. The Genius Bar replaced the speaker but it still didn't work, so they replaced the phone for me under warranty.


    Yesterday (October 2013) this phone's speaker stopped working as well. It suddenly went silent in the middle of a phonecall; I wasn't even touching the phone. Nothing could make it make any sound - I tried the mute switch and the volume buttons, I tried turning Bluetooth on and off, I tried cleaning out the headphones jack, I tried resetting all settings on the device. The Genius Bar replaced the speaker and agan it didn't work, but this time I was about 30 days past warranty, so all they could do was to offer me a replacement for $280.


    I see lots of other reports of this. I wonder why the iPhone 5 breaks this way so often.

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    Same story here... Mine quit 11 days after 1 year warranty. Genius Bar replaces speaker for $65, luckily I tested it before I paid...didn't work. They offered to sell me a new phone for $279, I said no thanks.


    No help from Source either. ( my first iphone, too!)


    All software is up to date...

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    speakers not working   

    i have new phone iphone 5s now what speakers not working

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