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Hey okay, so here's my STUPID dilemma.  I'm so stuck.



Im in the process of working on Putting all 6 of my songs into one big project file, this way all the settings, tracks, eq's everything are perfectly the same from song to song so my mastering process can be more universal. 






Upon dragging and dropping one of the songs into my main project.  (from one open project to another open project)

Apparently the drum track  (which is one midi track)  from the third song... is now like EMBEDDED, hidden about midway through song 2.



So when I'm playing the whole thing, it goes nicely through song 1, nicely through about half of song2... then the drum track from song 3 pops in randomly ONTOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. 



the thing is... theres NO SIGN OF IT ANYWHERE.  I cannot find the track.  Its not on a hidden track.  Its just like secretly embedded into the project.  I've even DELETED the midi thats SUPPOSED to be playing at that time.  And it still just playyyyyyyyyys and plays this stupid track.



Does anyone possibly have any ideas?

I cant find it in the bin, because it doesnt store MIDI tracks there.  is there a bin for all the midi info?  That could work if it appears.

Otherwise is there a secret way to like, Show any hidden info or anything? 




HELP HELP HELP!                  

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.8)