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Yes, when I have my iPad on mute I can not rotate the screen or listen audio from apps. And when I set it on lock rotation I can hear the games but I can not make the screen to rotate, unless I set it back to mute. And when I do there is no sound.

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3
  • Diavonex Level 9 Level 9

    Control rotation and mute independently



    1. Settings>General>Set Side Swith To: Rotation Lock


    2. Use Side Switch to lock/unlock rotation


    3. Use Task Bar to control muting (double-click Home button and swipe Task Bar to the right; the muting icon is on the far left)

  • gail from maine Level 7 Level 7

    Hi JGR,


    The Lock Rotation option in Settings only controls what the little slider just above your volume buttons on the upper right-hand outer edge of the iPad. Whether you have selected Mute or selected Lock Rotation, you control the "on" or "off" of that setting by moving the switch up to engage it, and down to disengage it.


    Then, for the other control (say you set the option in settings to Mute, so the "other" control would be Lock Rotation), you double click on the Home key and then slide to the right. You will see a little gray control bar at the bottom of the Spotlight Search screen, and on the far left, it will show you the "Lock Control" which you can engage or disengage by tapping on it:


    Lock Control Disengaged:




    Lock Control Engaged:




    Hope this helps!