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Started getting these messages in the system.log recently:


May  9 02:52:16 xxxx org.amavis.amavisd[1609]: bayes: cannot open bayes databases /var/amavis/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/O: tie failed:

May  9 02:52:19 xxxx org.amavis.amavisd[1609]: auto-whitelist: open of auto-whitelist file failed: auto-whitelist: cannot open auto_whitelist_path /var/amavis/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist: No such file or directory


The files in /var/amavis/.spamassassin/have not been written to since the clean install of 10.7.3 server.


Any ideas?

Airport Extreme Simultaneous Dual-B, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Sounds like /var/amavis/.spamassassin does not have the right permissions.



    sudo chown _amavisd:_amavisd /var/amavis/.spamassassin


    Restart mail services and see if it helps.

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    Thanks pterobyte. I checked and it was already _amavisd:_amavisd for /var/amavis/.spamassassin.


    The files in it are as follows:


    ls -l

    total 61160

    -rw-------  1 _amavisd  _amavisd  21004288 Aug 12  2012 auto-whitelist

    -rw-------  1 _amavisd  _amavisd     95688 Aug 12  2012 bayes_journal

    -rw-------  1 _amavisd  _amavisd   5185536 Aug 12  2012 bayes_seen

    -rw-------  1 _amavisd  _amavisd   5025792 Aug 12  2012 bayes_toks


    This means they haven't been touched since the install. And some of the messages include R/W on the files:


    5/19/13 3:05:38.700 PM org.amavis.amavisd: bayes: cannot open bayes databases /var/amavis/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/W: tie failed: No such file or directory


    I'm quite sure this has NOT been going on since 8/12/2012. I do look at the system log from time to time.


    Any other thoughts?


    There seems to be a perl crash each time this happens. Here is the top of the crash log:


    Process:         perl5.12 [23373]

    Path:            /usr/bin/perl5.12

    Identifier:      perl5.12

    Version:         ??? (???)

    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)

    Parent Process:  spawn [23071]



    Date/Time:       2013-05-19 15:17:50.831 -0400

    OS Version:      Mac OS X Server 10.7.5 (11G63)

    Report Version:  9



    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread



    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)

    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000105038fbc



    VM Regions Near 0x105038fbc:

        __DATA                 0000000105010000-0000000105017000 [   28K] rw-/rwx SM=PRV  /System/Library/Perl/5.12/darwin-thread-multi-2level/CORE/libperl.dylib

    --> __LINKEDIT             0000000105017000-0000000105039000 [  136K] r--/rwx SM=COW  /System/Library/Perl/5.12/darwin-thread-multi-2level/CORE/libperl.dylib

        MALLOC metadata        0000000105039000-000000010503a000 [    4K] r--/rwx SM=ZER 


    The parent process is "spawn" a process run by postfix "master" process to spawn up processes with priveledges. Seems like it may be here to look next.




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    Have a look at org.amavis.amavisd.plist and  /etc/amavisd.conf and check if the correct user is set.



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    From /etc/amavisd.conf:


         $daemon_user  = '_amavisd';     # (no default;  customary: vscan or amavis), -u

         $daemon_group = '_amavisd';     # (no default;  customary: vscan or amavis), -g







    Thanks for the ideas.


    Also getting this in system log right before the postfix/spawn: perl crash:


         5/22/13 2:56:34.033 PM ReportCrash: DebugSymbols was unable to start a spotlight query: spotlight is not responding or disabled.


    Going to rebuild spotlight on system disk to see if this goes away.Well it has stopped but that may not be why.


    I finally tracked down the Perl crashes for greylisting and this solved those issues:




    Since those perl crashes have stopped, now the amavis/spamassassin issues have gone too. Perhaps the crashing "spawn" of the greylisting was affecting stuff further down the line and causing the amavis issues to show up. But they are gone now too.


    Hope this helps someone. Thanks to pterobyte for being there!



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    Thank you for posting your findings.


    Indeed, a broken greylisting policy server could cause Perl to crash which in turn would prevent amavisd to run.

    The amavisd error you got is still odd though. Probably Perl was affected only partially.


    Glad you got it sorted. That's what counts. :-)

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    You are right about getting it sorted. But i need to know why in the end; i just can't help myself.


    The policy server is the greylisting perl script that was crashing, /usr/libexec/postfix/greylist.pl. The rest of postfix is compiled binaries and a few sh scripts.The link to the other thread:




    tells you to delete the berkeley db files that either get damaged or too large, then the greylist.pl won't crash and will create new db files, which worked. I am pretty sure from looking at the master.cf file and main.cf files that the greylist.pl policy server is run before the email is even accepted for delivery, after which the amavis/spamassasin gets run on the content. So a crashing greylist.pl policy server could screw up the process that was handling the connection such that amavis/spamassasin would get open errors on their databases.


    The bigger issue here is that apple is sending out a greylist.pl that is not robust enough to tell you what is going on when it can't read the berkeley db files it creates and manages, and then also that the db files get corrupted. I previously used a greylisting solution that i added onto my Leopard servers that used mysql databases and i never saw a problem with those getting corrupted.


    pterobyte, hope you are having pleasant spring weather in Swizerland! We are getting our spring showers and flowers.



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    You could always install Postgrey. It is easier to maintain and rock solid.


    Here is a how-to:

    http://topicdesk.com/downloads/tutorials/189-implementing-postgrey-on-os-x-10-8- x-mountain-lion-with-server-2-x






    P.S. Spring didn't find its way to Switzerland this year. But we are still hopeful. :-)