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iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, 16GB BLACK
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    What happened when you put "Bluetooth Headset" into a Google search box?

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    Any bluetooth headset will work with your iphone.  The bluetooth protocol is standardized.  Now to find one that works well is an entirely different issue.


    The Jawbone era is a favorite among many, but Jawbone devices (and other manufacturers) have a tendency to stop working properly around a year. Also the Jawbone background noise filter may not work with your voice.  For me it would filter my voice (moderately low) unless I spoke extremely loud.  This IS insuring that the rubber nub is touching my face.


    I have had the greatest success with the Motorola HX550 but again it stopped functioning properly around a year.


    I have tried the Plantronics: Voyager Pro, 925, M55, M155, M165 (marque 2) / Jawbone: Original, Icon, Era,

    Motorola HX550, and various Samsung and LG units.  Plus many more that I can't remember; the HX550 worked the best for me and my callers. (I used mine all day in and out of a car (Honda Fit).  I am now looking to for a new headset and may just buy a new HX550 since amazon sells them for ~$35