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Hi ,


I've had my iMac for about a week now and I just discovered a weird stain on the ouside of the glass .

It's only visible under a certain angle and it looks like glue residue that left a stain on the screen , I've tried wiping it off with a microfibre cloth and some water but I'm not able to completely remove it !

I don't want to use some kind of glass cleaner as I'm afraid to cause dammage to the glass or coating !


Can anyone help me to remove this or will I have to take my iMac back to the store ?


Here are some pics of the stain :




iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Have you uploaded the correct pictures - they don't show the screen? There's one of a window with a curtain, another of an iPhone and the third looks like an iPad wallet. I was expecting to see pictures of the offending iMac screen .


    Anyway, annoying as it is, it's probably best handled by Apple under warranty. They may even replace it.

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    MirakAE wrote:


    Hi ,


    I've had my iMac for about a week now and I just discovered a weird stain on the ouside of the glass .



    Contact AppleCare... If purchased new you have 90 days Free telephone support... 3 Years if you bought the AppleCare Protection Plan.

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    Bring it in. You don't want to use any kind of solvents on the screen.

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    Sorry for the pics , I uploaded them again and marked the area  (It's kinda difficult to take photos of something reflective) :





    Perhaps it will be best to take him back to the shop and see what they can do for me .

    Will a time machine backup be enough to restore to a new iMac (in case I get another one) , this s**ks as I just finished installing all my applications...........

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    A Time Machine backup should* be fine. Just make sure it's up-to-date before you set off to the store with your Mac.


    (*I say should because, rarely, there have been a few reports on here where users discovered their TM backup for some unknown reason failed and them dataless! As I say, rare, but it can happen. I guess that's why many recommend making another backup in the form of a bootable clone, using either CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper!)

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    Well I took my iMac back to the store today , and as we don't have Apple stores in Belgium (only resellers) he will be gone for about 2 or 3 weeks...... They inspected the stain on my screen and said it was in the glass and can't be removed so it has to go back to apple  , but on the bright side they said that I was probably going to get a new one (I bought him a week ago) .


    Just to be sure I took 3 backups ,  two TM backups (one on my NAS drive and one on an external drive) and one backup with CarbonCopyCloner so I think that my data will be safe that way .

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    Bit of an annoyance to have the problem, but once it's sorted you'll be glad you took the trouble.

    Good work with the backups . Thanks for the feedback.

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    Thanks Paul

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    There have been Apple Stores in Belgium since 2007. Here is a list:



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    Yes I know Klaus but what I actually ment to say is that there isn't an official apple store , all the shops in Belgium are official resellers .