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Hi everyone.


I'm really hoping that there may be someone who can help me, maybe give me some ideas that i havent already tried.


So its a brand new imac (21 inch) got it 2 weeks ago.  Its experiencing really slow internet speeds even though it is connected to the wireless router.

It seems to only download/upload web pages when its at a full 4 bar connection - if it drops to 3 bars, it timesout, or takes more than cooking dinner to load the page.

My 4 year old HP laptop is outperforming it at the moment and this is what I am using due to sheer frustration.  My smartphone loads pages up quicker even if it has 1 bar connectivity.(android not iphone)


So here is what i have done already.


I called apple support, and they went through some DNS data fixes (i.e. +

Because i couldnt plug it into the ethernet (my landlord has his computer pugged into it and i didnt want to step on too many toes) they suggested taking it into the genius bar to run tests - which i did - they said it was a little slow but seeing as it was brand new they would just replace it.


2ND iMac arrives: = Same problem.


Call apple support again.

- more DNS changing

- making wifi first priority choice

- checking dates/time are correct


Still slow - they say its my router, that i need to call my landlords IP and speak to them about it.



After much research (as i dont want to really hassle my landlords) and trawling through many websites with people saying they have the same problem  - what comes up as a potential fix is changing the wireless channel - which applesupport says i have to ask IP to do, but many others seem to be doing it themselves.  Can someone give me a step to step guide to doing this - as most forums just say yep that worked and havent explained the proceedure.

This guy was the best at giving instructions but i dont seem to get to 'look for network' as its just not there.






My other problem is that i want to get all my photos onto the imac.  My hard drive wont open on my imac - (buffalo HD-PXT500U2/B)  it recognises its there but wont aloow me to actually open it to view any file. (Also mac compatible.)


I called apple support again to see if there was anything i can do, the only thing they suggested was that i have to reformat my hard drive (which would mean loosing all the info on there).  They suggested putting all my info on my PC, reformatting the EHD, then sucking up all the info again on my EHD, then giving it to my imac.  Apart from the fact that i dont think my PC could handle 500 GB of info on it at this stage - this would take days.  (currently to download 15GB of data takes an hour or so)

I asked about migration assistant or something similar which was at my start up (i didnt use it) which says it can transfer info from PC to mac - they said it wouldnt work, although i am still unsure as to why. 

I have used google again to see what i can find as a fix, but its a mindfield out there and my brain is beginning to get fried - i have spent days trying to find out what fixes there are.  I cant even find migration assistant anymore on the imac ( i dont know where it lives)


Please please please help me as I am just about ready to throw in the towel - it shouldnt be this hard or this much of a headache should it?


I am trying to start up my own photographic business which is why I was advised to make the switch, but I am already 2 weeks behind on editing as I am constantly waiting on the delivery, fix, help to get my imac up and running properly.



I do need simple step by step instructions as I am new to mac.


Thanks so much for reading




iMac, iOS 6.1.3
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    You might do better to split this into two separate discussions 1) Internet connectivity and 2) The Buffalo problem.


    I'll stick with the wifi problems.

    To change the channel is an easy process which a user can do himself, but even though you don't want to annoy your landlord you might need his co-operation. Firstly you'll need to know what brand the router is and what the user name and password of the router is to be able to get into the wifi settings and change them (this has nothing to do with the landord's login credentials if he needs reassurance). For example, the login credentials for a Netgear router typically are User name: admin and Password: password, unless the owner of the router has changed them.


    Armed with that information, the next step is to login to the router via a web browser. In the address bar type (typically): and it should take you to the router configuration page. Type the user name and password as described above and hopefully you're in. Go to the wifi section on the config pages (it should be obvious) and change the channel. Save the settings, test the Mac.


    You're not the first to have problems with trying to get a reliable connection. I've compiled a few suggestions that may help to improve things, which I post on here on a regular basis when the subject crops up:


    Wifi problems seem to crop up a lot on here and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a 'one fix' solution.

    However, sometimes any one of the following can help although, unfortunately, not always - in no particular order:

    • Check wifi security - if it's WEP change it to WPA or WPA2 (preferably, as it's more secure)
    • Change the wifi channel on the router
    • Create a new Network Location: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5289
    • Reboot the router


    Also take a look at this link and the links within the article for other ideas. They mainly reference Lion, but still seem to be relevant to Mountain Lion:

    http://osxdaily.com/2011/11/06/lion-wi-fi-problems-solution-mac/?utm_source=feed burner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+osxdaily+%28OS+X+Daily%29&utm_conte n t=FaceBook


    ...and this link:

    http://osxdaily.com/2012/11/30/resolving-stubborn-wi-fi-connection-problems-in-m ac-os-x/