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I just purchased 3 MacMini Servers, I am going to make the volumes RAID, with that I need to reinstall, and go out and download the Server App.  Am I going to be required to pay for it, or will it somehow recognise that the computer came with the Server software on it originally?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), Server
  • Simon Slavin Level 4 (1,400 points)

    If apple knew your Apple ID when you bought the servers, and you registered those computers with the same Apple ID, then it will automatically know that you are entitled to three copies of the Server app.


    However, this often doesn't happen right because they didn't match up the Apple ID on the purchase.  So make sure you have your order number(s) for the three servers and phone Apple's support number for those sales (should be on the order acknowledgement) and they'll fix it for you over the internet.

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    For what it's worth, I just setup a RAID1 volume per the support article, upon reinstalling OSX I did not have to enter in any Apple ID or password, it just started to install.