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I'm looking to add a 3rd monitor to my HD 5770.  I've read up on the issue of connecting 3 monitors to this graphics card and I think I get it, but I want to make sure before I buy any new equipment.  I currently have:


1 monitor connected directly through DVI

1 VGA monitor connect with a passive VGA > minidisplayport converter


The monitor I'm planning to buy has a displayport connector.  So, am I correct that in order to add this monitor and be able to run all three simultaneously, I would need a standard displayport > minisdisplay converter for the new monitor, and to replace the passive VGA converter with an active VGA converter? If I were to add a VGA extension cable to the mix, could that cause any problems?  The point of this process is to have my older, smaller monitor be able to be moved several feet away from the computer as part of my home studio setup.



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With VGA distance was never an issue, but with DVI or MDP it is and didn't know if going out over an adapter and using MDP would impose a limit or need a booster - VGA seems like trouble, but some of those were using TVs with HDMI and VGA inputs and not all the resolutions were supported.


If you don't have any high res. you don't need to worry about active dual link.

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