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How to place text in alphabetical order in a numbers spreadsheet colunm?

MacBook, iOS 5
  • Wayne Contello Level 6 (16,935 points)

    select the table you want to sort, then select the menu item "Table > Show Reorganize Panel"


    then select the column to use for the sort and whether it is ascending or descending

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  • Barry Level 7 (29,610 points)

    Note that Numbers will not sort a single column in a multi column Table.


    Numbers adopts a database model, and considers all of the infomation is one row to be part of a single 'record' or set. Any sort of the table will sort complete rows, based on the data in one or more columns.


    If you want to sort only the words (or other data) in a single column, you will need to either remove the data to a different table (with no other data), Sort it there, then paste the result back into the original column, OR separate the column from the rest of the table, do the sort, then reinsert the column into the tble.