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Hey everyone, so as an ongoing issue i have around 9.5gb of 'other' data on my 16gb iphone 5. i have restored my iphone from icloud and a pc backup. Set up as new iphone. and restored from back up. deleted every app and reinstalled them all. i have deleted music and reinstalled it. i went through the phone with iexplorer and tried to find the files and its just not happening. HAS ANYONE GOT A CLUE ON HOW TO GET RID OF THIS BUG?!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3, corrupted other data
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    It sounds like you have an app that is behaving suspiciously.  You should restore as new again (which should temporarily solve your "Other" space problem).  Then add well trusted apps back, like Google Maps if you have it, or other well known apps.  Check your "Other" again - it should be fine.  Then try adding apps that might be less trustworthy one at a time, let that configuration stay for a few days while using the apps, and check "Other" again.  Eventually you will find the culprit.