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I'm so confused as to what I have to do...


My phone has run out of space with 800 photos in the camera roll and 1000 in photo stream.

The phone is so slow and can no longer store photos when taken.


The photo stream has old photos in it and I'd like to make sure I have them saved before I attempt to delete the photo stream.


Still unsure how to do that.


Please help.



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    How do I delete photos from my Photo Stream?


    You can delete photos from your Photo Stream the same way you delete other photos from your device. Just select the photo you want to remove and tap or click Delete. When you delete a photo from Photo Stream on one device, iCloud will automatically delete it from the Photo Stream album or view on your other devices.


    Note: Deleting individual photos from Photo Stream is supported by iOS 5.1 or later, iPhoto 9.2.2 or later, Aperture 3.2.3 or later, and Apple TV Software Update 5.0 or later. You will need to manually delete photos you downloaded to iOS devices running iOS 5.0.1 or earlier after updating to iOS 5.1.


    The photos you want to keep, back them up on your comp or on another drive

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    Hi & thanks...


    Few questions still.


    I can't seem to locate the photo stream folder when iphone is connected to the laptop so I dont know how to back up the photos from the photo stream.


    On another note, I also have many duplicates of photos in my iphoto & wondered if there was an easier way to delete the duplicates rather than going through each individual photo & deleting.


    Thanks again,


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    The photos that are in my photo stream do not appear to be in my iphoto/ on my mac?


    There seems to be a gap in tbe dates of photos that are in iphoto that correspond with the photos that are in the photo sream/ on the iphone...


    So confused.

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    I dont have ilife '11...


    Could this be the obstacle?




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    itunes and iphoto must be up to date

    The iphone also

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    I updated itunes & iphoto,


    Still cant see the photos that are on the phone (in photo stream folder) anywhere on on my mac even in the photo stream folder in iphoto.


    Any ideas?